Change Display Name

for Office 365 Email, CityUWiki, LANs
This function enables you to personalize your name (Display Name) use in Office 365 (O365) which currently is same as your Preferred Name as recorded in the Human Resources database used for communications on administrative matters. For email and social networking purposes, you can personalize a Display Name based on your Preferred Name and Email Alias. The chosen Display Name will be displayed, as a user identity, in O365 Email and CityUWiki (or any Microsoft products if applicable), or when user after logging on to the campus network through Staff LAN, Student LAN, Wireless LAN, or Virtual Private Network. Please note that the Display Name will not be displayed if you are neither using the foregoing software, nor logging on to the campus network. Your choice of Display Name will NOT affect your Preferred Name and Email Alias.

Please select your Display Name from the drop-down boxes (blanks will be skipped), then press 'Next':
Your selected Display Name is:

Click on the character to toggle between lower case and upper case. Press 'Confirm' to save your new Display Name