Service Type:
  • Electrionc ID (EID)

  • Computer Accounts

  • Password Management

  • Administrative Information Management System (AIMS)

  • Document Management System (DMS)

  • Portal

  • e-Learning

  • Department Web

  • CityU Announcement Portal (CAP)

  • Email

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  • Mobile Apps

  • Web Support Tools

  • Video Conference/Casting

  • Live Broadcasts

  • Video Services (VOD)

  • PC Hardware Repair (CWS)

  • PC Software Repair (CWS)

  • IP Phone

  • Using Wireless LAN

  • Using IT Facilities in CSC Teaching Studios

  • Using IT Facilities in Lecture Theatres (LT) / Classrooms

  • Departmental LAN

  • Software & Licensing

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  • Internet Connection

  • Department Server

  • Express Terminals

  • Hosting Services

  • Network Cabling

  • Domain Name Server

  • Network Port

  • Staff Computer Courses

  • CSC Forum

  • Publications

  • Event Support Management

  • Information Security

  • Web Security

  • Network Firewall

  • Help Desk

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for reimbursement of the equipment costs when applicable
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Legitimacy of Software for Installation (for Software Installation)
I declare that the software submitted to CSC for installation is a legal copy and sufficient licence(s) has/have been acquired in compliance with the licence agreement of the software. I also understand that CSC will not bear any responsibility should the received software media be found damaged.
Back-up Reminder Statement in CSC Work Request
There is always a risk of data loss in the process of hardware and software support. Therefore, it is necessary and important to back-up important data in a secure and reliable device from time to time. CSC will try the best to minimize the chance of data loss while serving this request but CSC is not liable to any data loss due to hardware problems and other unpredictable causes.